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Just a

fun-loving couple 

GUYS! Come on over to meet us! WE ARE FUN!

Welcome to our bar! Oh man, it feels so good to say that. We are the new drunkies (AKA drunkards) that own a craft-everything bar.

We genuinely love drinking because it's fun. We are all in for drinks that taste good as long as our aging and abused tummies can handle them!

Our passion for beer started when we were underage when the only way to get some beer was to make our own! From being a necessity, beer brewing became an obsessive hobby of ours. With a brewery in planning, we decided to open this bar to share our passion for craft beers + our own beers soon!


Along the journey to get here, our interest expanded to craft wine, cider, seltzer, or kombucha. So we are introducing them to you as well! You can meet all of them at our bar and see if you want to make friends with them, too!  

Also, we know the world is full of wonderous fuels for fun that you can introduce us to. So please stop by and tell us about what you know!

Come on over and meet us at Off Day and make the most of your days with our favorite fun-fuels available on draft and in bottles and cans!

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